Q. Where are practice sessions held?
A. At any of the Milpitas fields allocated to PAL.

Q. How often do we practice?
A. It depends on the team and the coaches. Usually it is two 1-hour sessions per week on Mon-Wed or Tue-Thu.

Q. When are the games played?
A. On Saturdays, for most age groups. Older teams might play on Wednesday or Thursday evening.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. The 2021 enrollment fee is in the $100-$130 range. There are “sibling” and “early bird” discounts.

Q. What does the enrollment fee include?
A. Game Uniform (jersey, shorts and socks), picture and participation trophy.

Q. What equipment do we need?
A. Shinguards (mandatory for games and practices), soccer shoes (cleats recommended, make sure they are soccer cleats, no football or baseball cleats), exercise clothing (shirts, shorts, socks) for practices.  We recommend that every child own a soccer ball of the size appropriate to the age (size 3 for U6 and U8; size 4 for U10 and U12; size 5 for all other older age groups).

Q. Will my child play every game?
A. Yes, every child must play at least 50% of each game at which s/he is present (unless injured or sent off).

Q. Can I coach my child’s team?
A. Yes, parent participation is required.

Q. I want to coach my child.  What do I do?
A. You need to register as a volunteer, attend one of the Coaches clinics and submit to a LiveScan (fingerprinting) check.   All details on the Coaches page.

Q. I got fingerprinted last year, do I need to do it again this year?
A. No, if you did it for Milpitas PAL Soccer 2019(Covid was 2020, so 2019 is ok).  And if you keep volunteering with us, year after year, you do not need to get fingerprinted again, unless you skip one or more years.

Q. Are coaches professionally trained?
A. Coaches are all volunteers (usually parents of a child in their team); PAL offers a mandatory coaching clinic at the beginning of the season.

Q. I signed up online; what do I do now?
A. We put together the teams at the end of July and pass the lists of players to the coaches during the Coaches Meeting.
The Coaches then start calling/emailing all the players to let them know where and when practices are held. This could happen any time within the first 2-3 weeks of August.

Q. My daughter’s Coach called and started practice already, but I haven’t heard from anyone regarding my son. What shall I do?
A. Some Coaches get going sooner than others; wait a bit and then send an email to the age group coordinator.