All the coaches/ assistant coaches must do the 30 minute online     “heads up “training by CDC.
They must give the certificate of completion to your PAL coordinator. Here is the link to the CDC training:
Here is the link for the coaches concussion fact sheet:
Coaches need to ensure that all the Parents/ Guardian/ Athletes  must receive a copy of the Parents/Guardian/ Athletes  “Heads up” Concussion Information Sheet.
They must also sign the Parents/Guardian/ Athletes  Heads up Concussion Awareness  Information Sheet and coaches must collect the acknowledgement form and get it to your PAL coordinator.   This needs to be done ASAP.   The Parents should keep the  fact sheet.   The fact sheet can be found on the PAL website under documents:
Here is the form that must be signed by all Parents/ Guardian / Athlete:

Coaches calendar 2020 (currently under construction)

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Coaches are the backbone of our soccer programs.

They are all volunteers and are in charge of their team.

Coaches don’t need a license; PAL provides a free clinic at the beginning of the season. All coaches and assistant coaches must fulfill the Milpitas PAL Volunteer Registration procedure according to California Law that applies to anyone working with children. For more information please call the Milpitas Police Department at (408) 586-2400 or send an e.mail to

A few weeks before the first game of the season, the age group coordinators contact the coaches from the previous year as well as other adults who have indicated their availability to coach a team. Once the coaches are selected, the teams are formed by assigning players to each coach based on the particular requests indicated in the signup forms provided that they do not conflict with the PAL regulations. In the absence of such requests, players are assigned to teams based on their past experience in an effort to make the teams as balanced as possible.

At a meeting with all the coaches, the age group coordinators distribute the players registrations together with other materials to each coach.

The coach must then contact each of the players and notify them that they have been assigned to his/her team. It is customary for the coach to call a kickoff meeting with all parents/guardians of the players to clarify what is expected of each individual (players, parents, coach, assistant coaches, referees, spectators …) throughout the season. It is very important to explain the PAL philosophy and objectives (see our Bylaws) as well as our Code of Ethics in order to minimize the occurrence of unpleasant disturbances during the games.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of items to be discussed at this kickoff meeting:
– Season calendar (number of games, breaks, end of season tournament …)
– Practice times and place
– Equipment (uniforms, shoes, shin-guards, jewelry …)
– Code of Ethics and sanctions
– Playing time rules (at least 50% per player per game)
– Fundraising options
– Helping options (snack shack, refereeing, field prep, board membership …)

Scores and MVPs

After every game the coach must report the score and the names of two outstanding players for that game (MVPs). To do this send an e.mail to with the following information:
– your team number and name (e.g. 121 SuperStars)
– your opponent team number and name
– the score with your team’s number of goals first (e.g. 3-2)
– the MVPs names (e.g. Landon Donovan, David Beckham)

Volunteering procedures

All volunteers (coaches, assistant coaches, team parents, board members) must register with the Milpitas Police Department using the Volunteer registration forms (Cover, Form, CodeOfEthics).

New volunteers (or previous volunteers who have skipped one or more years) also need to submit to a background check by scheduling a fingerprinting appointment with the Milpitas Police Department (call 408 586-2400).  Bring 3 copies of this LiveScan form filled out completely to the fingerprinting appointment.

Coaches Clinic slides.

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Can my players have their name on the uniform?

This is the text from our ByLaws (Rule 9, Part 6.B.2) regarding uniform modifications:

Player names may be imprinted on the back of jerseys but are restricted to the area above the number, must be black or white lettering and no more than 3 inches in height and in Arial or Calibri font. No single player imprinting is allowed. The entire team’s uniforms shall be marked in the same manner or it will not be allowed. 

Jersey colors for Fall 2020: