Commissioners: Ken Macaulay and Rondi Jackson

Secretary: Rondi Jackson

Treasurer: Rondi Jackson

Registrar: Enrico Cadorin

Fundraising and Public Relations: Ken Macaulay (acting)

Police Officer: Kita Inthashack

Equipment: Ken Macaulay

Snack Shack: TBD

Fields: Ken Macaulay (acting)

Referees: Jackie Romero

Referees scheduler: Jackie Romero

Uniforms: Christie Tumacder

Pictures Coordinator: Greta Kusters

SUPPORT:  Julie Salud

Age Group Coordinators:

U6: Damian Lacey

U8G: Julie Salud

U8B: Julie Salud

U10G: Greta and Renee Kusters

U10B: Greta and Renee Kusters

U12G: Greta and Jim Kusters

U12B: Greta and Jim Kusters

U14G: Greta and Jim Kusters

U14B: Greta and Jim Kusters

U17G: Richard Tumacder

U17B: Richard Tumacder